Celebrating the Power of Women

Celebrating the Power of Women

by Lauren - COO, 13 Fifty Apparel

Now, more than ever, we find ourselves empowering women, honoring them, promoting them, and uplifting them for all that they are. In our lives, we all have that one woman, or met some incredible women, along our journey that helped shape our future. A mother, wife, sister, aunt, or friend, who selflessly put themselves second, to put you first.

As women, we are often described as superheroes. How does she do it all? For most, it just comes naturally - from raising a family, maintaining a household, working both inside, and outside the home, nurturing relationships and taking care of ourselves.

As a female at 22 years old starting out my career on Wall Street in a predominantly male-dominated world, I knew I had a lot to prove, not only to others but to myself. But shortly after I realized that some of the most influential people and powerful mentors I would come to work alongside were both men and women. They didn't see a 22-year-old, or even that I was a woman, they saw a person, eager to crush through their career path and lifted me up each day as an equal.

We have come so far in honoring women for the incredible people they are. At 13 Fifty Apparel, I have had the honor to become close with women who are Law Enforcement Officers, Wives of Officers, and employees here who have become family. Each of these women bring their own set of unique stories, passions and journeys.

We are all different, yet the same. We are a tribe, a tribe of women who set out to make a difference in their own life, the lives of others and the world each day.

COO, 13 Fifty Apparel