by Lauren - COO, 13 Fifty Apparel

ITwas the summer of 2011. I just graduated from Florida State University (GO NOLES!) and I found myself, like many others, wondering what I was possibly going to do with my degree in a field that I had no interest in. So, I found my comfort zone, and I left it. I moved to New York City with a few bags and a whole new life to create.

After four years working in a Fortune 500 company in the Financial District, I knew I needed to fulfill more in my life than crushing Corporate America. I will be eternally grateful for the hustle, drive and insane work ethic my career provided me, offering me both personal and professional growth. These four years paved the way for the start of my new life back in South Florida.

By faith I met Chris, and just like that, I went from a Corporate gal, to an entrepreneurs wife. The early years were wild! We learned real quick that Growth and Comfort do not coexist. I found myself as 13 Fifty Apparel's customer service rep, social media guru, email marketing creator, fulfillment specialist and business operations officer.

Together, we persevered. We learned quickly that we could not do it all ourselves. We made our first full time hire in 2018, almost one year after the brand was created and we continued our path of growth from there.

Today, I operate as Chief Operating Officer, Police Wife and Mama. Life is busy. But my constant remains the same. To continue to oversee the growth, success and expansion of this brand. I take tremendous pride in what we do at 13 Fifty Apparel and the experience you all have when you shop with us, or visit us at our store or trade shows.

My goals are BIG in 2021. Ladies, you are on my radar! Get excited for an all new Fitness Line to launch, and collections geard just towards you. Whether you yourself are a First Responder, or you were lucky enough to marry into this family, you are part of the Tribe, and 13 Fifty Apparel is here to gear you up!

COO, 13 Fifty Apparel

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