To My Tribe,

To the mothers who raise children to serve their community with honor.
To the mothers who stand proudly by their LEO + First Responder.
To the mothers who wear the uniform + become their child's real-life hero.

We see YOU. We honor YOU. We stand proudly with YOU.

When I married a Police Officer everyone told me my life would change, and it did. When we found out we were pregnant with our first son, everyone told me our lives would change, and they did. But what no one tells you is that all of these milestones and monumental moments in our own lives are setting us up to be everything we are meant to be.

Entering the journey of Motherhood is messy, but no one tells you that! Your nights are long, but the days run short. You lose a part of yourself, but gain a huge part of your life you never knew you were missing. The years pass by quickly. You slowly watch your newborn discover the world and continue to grow through all the stages of childhood and adulthood. You begin to realize that your heart now exists on the outside of your body and every time they walk out the door it beats a little harder, until they return home safe. You are the backbone of your family. You are the peace within — the glue that holds it all together.

The beautiful thing about Mothers is that we exist in so many different forms. We are stay-at-home moms, we are full-time working moms, we are entrepreneurs and we ARE First Responders. But above all, our favorite job is being "Mom." Our commonality is that our children become our world and there is nothing that we won't give for their happiness. 

No matter what season of Motherhood you are currently in, we walk through it together. We are a Tribe. Today, we CELEBRATE YOU and all that you are. Happy Mother's Day! 

COO | Mom | Police Wife